Going further to create better outcomes for all

For us sustainability is the way we deliver on our purpose, to secure a better future for all. Our values drive us to think bigger, do better and go further.

Understanding our strengths and listening to our stakeholders has focused our environmental, social and governance initiatives where we can have the greatest impact and influence - acting on climate change, increasing the strength of our communities and embedding a high standard of ethics in our actions.


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Charter Hall Sustainability Report FY20

FY20 Report

Find out more about our approach to sustainability and our FY20 achievements.

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Sustainability Framework

A sustainable approach to tomorrow

We’ve created a framework to help define and set specific sustainability objectives for our business. Drawing on our guiding principles, and aligned with our corporate strategy, it enables us to be more accountable and work towards delivering long-term outcomes that are positive for all.

Guided by our purpose, to secure a better future for all, and through stakeholder engagement, we've identified where we should focus our environmental, social and governance efforts.

Issues that are important to us



Climate Resilience

Carbon: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and developments

Energy efficiency and renewables: Increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy across our operations and developments.

Physical adaptation: Building resilience for our business, properties and communities, against the physical impacts of climate change.

Biodiversity: Protecting, restoring and, where possible, creating opportunities to improve the natural environment in and around our operations.

Waste: Minimising the generation of waste and increasing recycling.

Water: Increasing water efficiency across our operations and developments.



Strong Communities

Community: Supporting social inclusion through employment for vulnerable young Australians, which contributes to the strength of local communities where we operate.

Customer: Meeting the business needs of our tenant and investor customers.

Employee: Creating a diverse and inclusive culture and environment.

Health, safety and wellbeing: Caring for the health, safety and wellbeing of our people and customers.



Responsible business

Business ethics and compliance: Conducting our business activities in line with the highest ethical standards, as well as complying with all relevant regulations.

Infectious disease: Supporting our customers, communities and employees to work safely in our buildings.

Responsible and sustainable supply chain:  Facilitating procurement practices and supply chain management in a responsible and sustainable way.

Responsible investment:  Integrating ESG considerations into investment decisions to ensure sustainable growth and returns

Data security and privacy:  Actively protecting the privacy of individuals and companies

Our response

Climate Resilence

Our climate resilience strategy prepares our business for impacts and opportunities of both a low carbon economy (RCP2.6) scenario and the impacts associated with business-as-usual (RCP8.5) scenario. We are committed to resilient buildings and net zero scope 1 and 2 emissions in our operations.

Strong Communities

We are committed to building strong, inclusive communities and creating employment opportunities. We also seek to embed a culture of openness, alongside a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for our employees, partners, customers and communities.

Responsible Business

Our sustained focus on our operational practices, sustainable supply chain and ethical behaviour across our business for all stakeholders, including local communities, tenants, employees, securityholders and suppliers.

Sustainable development goals - climate action

Sustainable development goals - Decent work and economic growth

Sustainable development goals - Peace, justice and strong institutions



Climate Resilience

Global climate change and the impact it will have on the environments and communities in which we operate pose a serious challenge to businesses.

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industrial & logistics portfolio committed to net zero Scope 1 & 2 emissions by 2022


solar PV installed, with potential to generate 32GWh of energy, equivalent to powering 2,150 homes

Lease expiry

reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions intensity from FY19


Green Star Performance ratings across the portfolio – resulting in Australia’s largest Green Star footprint


Strong communities

Through our people, assets and investments we contribute in a significant way to inclusive, sustainable economic growth and technological innovation. We provide equal employment opportunities and decent work for all our people across our operations, assets and developments.

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donated to the community through our partnerships, including $500,000 for bushfire relief and recovery


employee engagement score


hours of employee volunteering

45,000+ sqm

in Pledge 1% space, valued at $1.9 million provided for community use


Responsible Business

The way we do business is guided by our purpose, values and standards. At all times we seek to ensure that our supply chain is sustainable and that we behave ethically in our relationships with stakeholders – from local communities and suppliers to tenants, employees and securityholders.

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employees completed modern slavery training


priority 1 suppliers invited to complete a modern slavery pre-qualification survey1


of priority 1 suppliers surveyed understand the basic facts around modern slavery and have a general awareness1

We are proud to be a signatory to the UN Global Compact. We continue our commitment to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

To see our advanced communication of progress, click here.

As our second report providing communication on our progress, we have outlined our actions against the principles and referenced where more detail is provided in the FY20 Sustainability Report.

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Our purpose is to create better futures and ensure mutual success for our customers, employees and everyone engaged in our supply chain.

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Building better futures

Our net zero pathway

A key part of our climate resilience strategy, under the low carbon economy scenario, is to become a net zero emissions company by 2030.

Our ongoing commitment to resilient communities

At the very heart of how we work and what we value lies a fundamental desire to support communities.

Creating opportunities for others to prosper

Our relationships with Kick Start and Two Good mirror our philosophy that everyone has the right to go further.

Vigilance is the key to combatting modern slavery

Freedom from slavery is a fundamental human right, and we have a responsibility to uphold that principle throughout our operations and supply chains.

Valuing our people

We’ve always prided ourselves on having a strong and open culture, where our people come together to support each other to be their best.

Welcoming back our customers

We focused on both strengthening our business and how we partnered with our customers to provide support.

Wesley Mission David Morgan Centre

In the right hands, 1% is a big deal

Committed to making a positive impact on communities, we’re the first Australian property company to join the international Pledge 1% philanthropy movement.


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1. Information on this page was updated with the publication of our 2020 Sustainability Report.