Integrated into everything we do

For over three decades, we have focused our efforts on where we can have the greatest impact and influence – building capability through meaningful climate action; partnering to provide enduring support for vulnerable youth and communities; and sharing economic prosperity and sustainable growth for mutual success.


Sustainability framework

Our framework focuses on where we can generate the greatest value as a business, and is integrated with our sustainability pillars, key stakeholders, business goals and strategy, as shown in the diagram. This approach reinforces how we operate in line with the highest ethical standards and lead as a responsible and sustainable business.

It ensures we remain focused on the following key priorities.

– Building capability through meaningful climate action, rethinking resources and prioritising nature.

– Partnering to provide enduring support for vulnerable youth and communities impacted by hardship.

– Sharing economic prosperity and sustainable growth for mutual success.

Our sustainability pillars align with the UN SDGs. To help stakeholders understand our strategic response to our key material risks and opportunities, we have structured our accountability to our ESG impacts around these pillars, as shown below.


Climate action

Achieve Net Zero emissions and strengthen resilience to climate-related impacts.

Carbon and climate action
Achieve Net Zero emissions in our operations and developments. Partner with customers and suppliers to reduce carbon emissions in our value chain.

Energy efficiency
Maintain a highly energy-efficient portfolio powered by clean energy.

Resilience and adaptation
Fortify and improve the adaptive capacity of our portfolio to climate-related impacts.

Accelerate automation and operational performance with technology.

Rethink resources

Evaluate use of resources as we transition to a circular economy.


Minimise waste to landfill in operations and development.


Maximise, reuse, repair, recycle and re-purpose materials.

Supply chain innovation

Embed circular economy principles into our materials use and supply chain.

Restore nature

Protect and restore natural environments and biodiversity to transition towards a regenerative future.

Conserve freshwater resources and reduce reliance on potable water.

Minimise adverse impacts to biodiversity through our assets and supply chain. Restore and regenerate the natural environment to maintain and enhance the integrity of nature.

High-performing talent

Drive performance and engagement by leveraging difference and enabling potential.

Engaging employees
Co-create a culture with our people that drives innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Unlocking potential
Build capabilities for the future by leveraging our operating model to unlock potential for our business and customers.

Reimagining work
Create places that bring people together to think in different ways.

Celebrating difference
Attract and develop talent that represents our diverse customer base and communities (gender, age, LGBTQ+, First Nations, disability and ethnicity).

Deep customer relationships

Long-term value creation through cross-sector partnership.

Customer engagement

Engage with our customers through regular formal and informal feedback sessions to build an understanding of their needs.

Strategic growth

Leverage our cross-sector platform and the skills and experience of our people to grow our customer base and meet their business requirements.

Value creation
Develop informed, strategic solutions to satisfy customer needs now and in the future. Deliver end-to-end workplace solutions and experiences across all property types.

Strong communities

Strengthen resilient communities through inclusion and connected places.

Community engagement
Work collaboratively with communities to address issues that effect the health of the communities.

First Nations
Facilitate strong and lasting relationships with First Nations peoples.

Response and recovery
Support communities with both immediate relief and long-term recovery from natural disasters and crises.

Connected places
Design spaces and experiences that develop a sense of belonging and enable communities to connect in a meaningful way.

Healthy places

Advance human health and well-being outcomes through innovative workplace design and management.

Health, safety and hygiene
Implement a portfolio-wide strategy to address health, safety and hygiene standards.

Human-centred design
Develop flexible and inclusive places that actively support diversity, well-being, productivity and engagement.

Holistic well-being
Deliver health and lifestyle amenities, education and wellness services.

Pathways to prosperity

Invest in communities to support sustained livelihoods and access to opportunity.

Pledge 1%
Leverage a portion of our profits, space and people’s time to support our communities.

Foster independence

Improve access to learning, skills and job opportunities to support meaningful employment and sustained livelihoods in the communities where we operate.

Social procurement

Strengthen our social impact and expand our community investment through our supply chain partners and processes.

Sustained returns

Deliver long-term risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Responsible investment
Access and deploy capital in a way that creates value for all our stakeholders.

Sustainable Finance
Leverage our approach to ESG to attract and retain capital partners.


To verify our progress and drive continued alignment with best practice, we benchmark our performance against a range of independent frameworks. Learn more using the links below.

2023 Sustainability Report

Throughout FY23, we continued to listen to our customers’ sustainability concerns and needs - and partner to unlock environmental and social value. This report explores our sustainability approach and our 2023 achievements.

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Sustainability Databook 2021


While our Sustainability Report provides an overview of our performance against key metrics, our comprehensive Databook provides all our sustainability performance data for Charter Hall, as well as CLW, CQE and CQR.

View databook

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) guides us in identifying tangible and substantive initiatives for First Nations peoples, increasing economic equity and supporting First Nations self-determination. We are pleased to share that our Stage Two: Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) has been endorsed by Reconciliation Australia.

View plan


first nations
Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement

Our consultative approach to managing modern slavery is consistent with previous years. Each of our reporting entities has its own governance structure (including its own Board) that determines decision-making for assets within its portfolio.

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2023 Sustainability Report

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Stakeholder engagement

Our open and collaborative approach ensures that we understand our stakeholders’ needs and aspirations, to manage our portfolios appropriately and responsibly

We aim to understand the key issues and interests of our stakeholders and then respond practically and effectively. We know that collaboration with our stakeholders supports us to develop sustainable solutions along the value chain.

This input informs our approach to business and consideration of issues which are most material. Who we engage with and how is guided by the level of our business impacts and influence and their vested interest in our sustainability strategy, approach and performance.

Our stakeholders

Below are our key stakeholders. Learn more about how we partner to deliver value here.





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First Nations