Diversity, equity and inclusion

Unlocking potential and celebrating difference

Our business-oriented approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is about actively partnering with each other and our customers to create innovative, customer-oriented solutions and unlock hidden value. This approach enables us to deeply understand our customer base and ensure we bring thoughtful and balanced perspectives to our decisions.

In the same way that we curate our portfolio, we curate our talent by deliberately seeking people of diverse cultures, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age and first peoples, as well as diverse skillsets and experiences.

To bring out the best in this talent, we also create the right environment – one where people genuinely celebrate and encourage difference and leverage it as a performance differentiator.



Our approach

Executive sponsorship

Our Executive Committee are the demonstrable leaders of our strategy. They also sponsor our identified employee-led networks.

Employee-led networks

These networks give our people a stronger voice to shape our diversity, equity and inclusion agenda. We've identified key diversity networks and together develop and strengthen these, as well as establish strategies for action.

External benchmarks

Benchmarking is key to tracking progress and demonstrating where our efforts have driven change, as well as where there is further work to do. We've identified benchmarks for each diversity category, these include the Workplace for Gender Equality Agency and the Australian Workplace Equality Index.

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy outlines the key focus areas to help everyone we engage with realise their aspirations and get the most out of their relationship with us.

In our business, we're fortunate to have a culturally rich and vibrant community. Our shared culture helps us create a strong and connected workplace, where everyone has a voice and feels heard. We appreciate each individual, inclusive of their culture, customs and traditions. 


We're focused on:

  • acknowledging and celebrating cultural days of significance in our workplaces and assets
  • increasing education and awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives across our business
  • active involvement with our communities, customers and diversity groups such as the Diversity Council of Australia and the PCA Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to have a more meaningful impact.
different cultures get together

Our journey began in late 2020, when we reached out to our people to listen and learn about the role they wanted to play in building awareness and understanding of First Nations histories and cultures. Since then, guided by our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (Building Strong Foundations), our Working Group has been committed to driving our initiatives forward. 

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan Achievements:

  • building cultural awareness through training and activations
  • increasing spend with First Nations businesses via our Supply Nation membership
  • acknowledging First Nations peoples at our assets 
  • supporting empowerment through initiatives like the Charter Hall Indigenous Scholarship program with Western Sydney University. Meet the 2024 recipients here.

We continue our journey with the development of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan (Implementing Change), formally endorsed in 2024.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan Focus:

  • empowering First Nations peoples to drive their own economic futures
  • actively engaging with First Nations organisations to create employment opportunities throughout our value chain
  • championing educational initiatives that not only benefit our industry but also ripple out into the wider community.

Increasing the female talent pipeline and creating a gender-inclusive environment for all employees has been a focus for the last five years. While we are on track to achieve our 2025 gender targets, we know there is always more work to do to achieve gender balance across all levels of our business. 


We're focused on:

  • continuing to attract and retain top talent through a concerted effort to increase the number of females in senior and revenue generating roles
  • unlocking potential through development opportunities, including rotations, to develop talent with diverse experiences and expertise across our value chain
  • enhancing the transition experience to and from parental leave and encouraging more males to take parental leave
  • working across industry and with communities via participation in the Champions of Change Coalition and through partnerships like Two Good Co. to eradicate gender-based violence through education and employment.

View our Gender Pay Equity Statement


The property industry is one of the nation’s largest employers and is traditionally not viewed as LGBTQ+ inclusive. We actively foster an inclusive culture for LGBTQ+ people through our employee network, CH Proud, and continued engagement with customers and industry groups such as InterBuild, to drive meaningful change.


We're focused on:

  • increasing employee awareness and engagement through initiatives like Wear it Purple and IDAHOBIT Day
  • continuing to evolve our policies and practices to strengthen LGBTQ+ inclusion throughout the employee lifecycle
  • finding meaningful ways to connect with customers and communities to develop deeper partnerships
  • working with industry to influence and drive change, like standards for all gender facilities.

You might be surprised to hear that the average age of our people is 38 years old. Age diversity is important to ensure we're building a talent pipeline, as well as balancing this with older experience and expertise to guide and mentor. 


We're focused on:

  • continuing to evolve our Charter Hall Scholarship Program to broaden university partnerships and offer diverse learning experiences for candidates across our value chain
  • offering structured rotations and secondments to develop skills and capabilities across different teams and divisions
  • providing mentoring and reverse mentoring opportunities to leverage different perspectives, depth of experience and diverse expertise.