Guided by our purpose, to secure a better future for all, and through stakeholder engagement, we've identified where we should focus our environmental, social and governance efforts

The following topics were identified as being of high or very high importance. The asterisked topics listed below are in the top ten for both internal and external stakeholders. The following topics informed our sustainability framework.

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Sustainability environment framework


Climate change adaptation

Building resilience for our business, properties and the communities that use and occupy them, against the impacts of climate change, such as storm damage, rising temperatures, and changing regulations.

Energy efficiency and renewables*

Addressing energy security and pricing by increasing energy efficiency and use of renewable energy across our operations and developments. 

GHG emissions

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and developments.

Waste management

Minimising the generation of waste through reducing the use of materials and increase recycling.

Water management

Increasing water efficiency across our operations and developments.

Protecting the natural environment

Protecting, restoring and where possible creating opportunities to improve the natural environment in and around our operations.

Sustainability framework - social


Community and social inclusion

Supporting and contributing to the local communities where we operate. This includes the promotion of social inclusion, participation and improvement of livelihoods to address local social needs in our communities.

Customer engagement and satisfaction

Creating spaces that meet our customers' and tenants' needs and are inclusive, resulting in a sense of belonging and satisfaction in our assets.

Employee engagement and satisfaction

Creating a culture and environment which enables our employees to give their best and maintain a positive attitude towards the organisation. 

Employee training and development

Investing in the training and development of our people to ensure that we retain a workforce that can deliver on our objectives and is future ready. 

Health, safety and wellbeing*

Ensuring the highest standards for health and safety across our operations, developments and for employees (including contractors), customers and tenants, as well as the wider public that use our spaces.

Creating spaces and programmes that support the physical and mental wellbeing of our customers, tenants and employees. 

Diversity and inclusion*

Promoting diversity and inclusion, respecting and valuing differences in gender, age, ethnicity, thought and background, and taking a zero-tolerance stance on discrimination.

Sustainability framework - social


Innovation and technology

Investing in and adopting new technology and innovations to ensure our long-term resilience as well as to meet the evolving needs of our business and customers.

Business ethics and compliance*

Conducting our business activities in line with the highest ethical standards, as well as complying with all relevant regulations. 

Cyber security and data protection

Safeguarding data and networks from cyber threats and ensuring the confidentiality and security of personal information. 

Responsible investment*

Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into investment decisions (due diligence, property management and day to day operations) and ongoing engagements in order to ensure sustainable growth and returns.


Responsible and sustainable supply chain

Ensuring procurement practices and supply chain management is responsible and sustainable, managing issues such as human rights, modern slavery and environmental impacts. 

Sustainability framework - Economic


Sustainable growth and returns

Ensuring a fair return to our providers of capital over the long term, through the responsible and sustainable management of our business. 

Local economic contributions

Where possible, seek to ensure that Charter Hall's developments and operations support local economies, particularly through job creation and local sourcing.