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Whether you’re new to investing or know a thing or two, there’s a lot to discover.

One of things you’ll have heard is the importance of a diverse portfolio. Having a wide range of investments can help manage the ups and downs of individual sectors.

At Charter Hall, property is our speciality. Thanks to managed funds such as those offered by us, it is also a highly accessible asset class, and could help to build your wealth even if this is your first investment. 

All information on this page is of a general nature only. For specific advice relating to your needs, please speak with a financial adviser.

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The fundamentals of investing in Direct Property.

Hear from Steven Bennett, Direct CEO at Charter Hall, about the importance of commercial property in your investment portfolio.

Understanding the basics

On this page, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know if you’re considering investing in commercial property, or if you already know a little, you may learn a thing or two. We’ll cover the basic advantages and risks, how to get started, and what potential returns to expect.

What is commercial property investment?
What is commercial property investment?

When you invest in commercial property, you are purchasing real estate for businesses or government agencies to then lease.

How well do you know your jargon?
How well do you know your jargon?

Commercial property investing can be complex. We breakdown some important commercial property terms you'll need to know.

Investing in commercial property vs. residential property
Investing in commercial property vs. residential property

One of the most important things to know about investing in commercial property is that, while there may be similarities between the two markets, they have different investor and occupier profiles.

What is commercial property investment?
Advantages / risks of commercial property investment

As with all investment options, commercial property has its advantages and risks. You must understand both before making a decision.

How do I invest in commercial property?
How do I invest in commercial property?

There are four typical ways individuals in Australia can invest in commercial property - we explain these in more detail.

Advantages of a managed fund
Advantages of a managed fund

Simplicity, accessibility, diversity and expertise are all reasons you might choose a managed fund. Find out why.

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Beyond the basics

If you know a thing or two about investing you'll understand that commercial property can generate regular and long term returns.

Unfortunately we can’t give you specifics here. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, so while there are plenty of figures available on returns, they may not be relevant to your investment.

Stick with us though because we can help explain how performance is measured, how commercial property is valued, and how we provide access to a diverse portfolio.  

How is performance measured?
How is performance measured?

The performance of a building may be described by cap rate or rental yields. So what do these mean?

How is commercial property valued?
How is commercial property valued?

Value in commercial property is mostly about anticipated performance. The higher the expected returns, the higher the value of the property.

How do we choose investments
How do we choose investments?

We have a number of tricks for choosing property investments to best ensure an ideal outcome for investors and tenants.

Interested in getting started? 

Commercial property can offer mid-to-long-term stability and regular income. You can gain access to high-quality properties by opting into a managed fund or A-REIT, and by doing your research into yields, occupancy and WALE, you should have a clear idea of which properties will make for good investments.

If you’re interested in the benefits of a direct or listed property fund, talk to your financial adviser about Charter Hall or contact us directly. 

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