30 years of partnership

What we've learnt along the way

In 30 years we've grown a lot, but we're not stopping here. We've always believed partnership and long term performance is the true test of success. That's why over the past three decades, we've worked tirelessly - with our people and customers, to create better futures and achieve mutual success.

There's been many successes and challenges - all presenting an opportunity to learn and grow, to better ourselves and what we deliver for our customers and communities.

Here's a few lessons we've learnt on our 30-year journey.



Always put the customer first.

It’s cliché, but it’s true.

Customers are the most important part of our business. And we don’t forget it. We always look to act in our customers’ best interests and to work in close partnership to achieve results that are mutually beneficial.


The right people are worth everything.

Business is a team sport. You can’t do it by yourself.

It’s the unique contributions of all our people that build our culture, drive our results and push us to go further. Together with our unique operating model, it sets us apart.

We hire the right people.



Property investing doesn’t have
to be confusing.

We’re not one for jargon.

But we are here to help.


Be flexible.

If recent times taught us anything, it’s how quickly things can change.

Be adaptive. Be agile. And be prepared to work differently.



Place is more than a building.

The right place inspires people and ideas, community and inclusion, cities and discovery.

At Charter Hall we believe in investing in the value of place.


Look beyond the obvious.

This means balancing financial discipline with our inventive spirit to unlock hidden value.

And it's how we went from a $500 million company in 2004, to a $52 billion company today.


If everyone benefits, we benefit.

At Charter Hall we invest alongside our capital partners because we believe that fundamental to long-term success, is mutual success - theirs and ours.

Check out our investment options.


Communities matter.

At the heart of our approach is a spirit of shared success.

Through our long-standing commitment to Pledge 1% we give our space, profits and our people's time to support vulnerable Australians and help our communities thrive.

See what we’re doing.


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It's important to deliver all kinds of value.

Because there's more to business than making money. From progressing towards net zero by 2030 to becoming an employer of choice for gender equality, we're driven to think bigger, do better and go further.

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